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Tensor Pyramid

Tensor Pyramid

Focusing Pyramid and Tensor fields energies combining of these fields creates a vortex of multiple energetic frequencies to propel you forward and accelerate your infinite Divine blueprint on multiple levels.



Tensor Ring Pyramid

What is a Tensor Ring Pyramid?

Tensor Ring technology has been around for many years.  It first started with Slim Spurling who developed this technology back in the late 1980’s.  He and a friend created Life-Lite tools the Acu-Vac coil, and Harmonizer along with tensor rings developed these technologies with scientific results.  They discovered many properties of these rings for enhancing the qualities of water to healing physical ailments.  The rings healing abilities where amazing and also results from abating air pollution to increased plant growth.

Sadly he passed away many years ago but his work still goes on and that’s where I was to be introduced to his technology in Kauai in Hawaii.  I had a friend give me direct communication with Slim who asked my friend to give me all the tools he had given her as she was a business partner of his in his early days.  I was given several different types of tools in Tensor Ring Technology.  These were to be for me to experiment with them and incorporate my technology into them.  So here is a couple of results of what I have done as over the years I have been testing them on sensitive people so I can see how they have been working. Also how they assist us on our spiritual path.  From my perspective it is working on a higher rate of vibration as the tensor technology holds more of the light frequencies allowing it to be downloaded into the Mental, Emotional, spiritual and Physical bodies which allows ourselves a greater sensitivity to these frequencies.  With the added benefit of my imprinting on crystalline materials creates a healing and expanding of consciousness all in one. I have developed more tools in tensor ring form which I will put in this website.



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