What is a stargate?

A stargate is a structure designed using the wisdom of the ancient science of sacred geometry. It’s similar to a pyramid, although the design is more intricate and it incorporates a Star of David, or Merkaba, on top. As well as representing the energy field around the body, this is a symbol for protection and divine light. Stargates focus star energies while pyramids focus pyramidal energy.  A pyramid has a limited field but a stargate has unlimited capabilities and allows a person to tap into pure source energy.  As plants need water to grow, so our spirit needs star energy, as most of us are star seeds.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Gateway to the stars

Stargates work at a deep level, using sacred geometry to facilitate the alignments needed within our bodies and to activate the divine code within our cellular system.  They are devices that focus energy and awaken the meridian system.  They bring us into connection with our divine essence or being, and awaken the light body, or Merkaba.  Working with the stargate is a process of self-mastery and opens our hearts to love and joy.  One could think of a stargate as a gateway to the stars, which enables us to lift and develop our consciousness. As star beings we are nourished by star energy.  As plants need water to grow, we in the physical body have several other etheric bodies that benefit from being watered by star energy.

How it feels in a stargate

Sitting in a stargate is a very unique experience.  Listening to peoples comments at exhibitions and receiving feedback over the last 35 years from people working with stargates there are a few feelings that people tend to have in common.  Many say it feels like a sanctuary.  You feel, protected, but at the same time our energies expand outwards.  People tend to find that they can go within very quickly and feel the energy on the crown chakra or higher chakras.  It can feel like being bathed in light and many people feel energised and excited by the experience.

What a stargate can do

What a stargate can do depends on our sensitivity and openness to change.  Working with a stargate can facilitate some or all of the following experiences.  Facilitate transition to higher levels of consciousness, giving access to wider realities.  Balance and heal the energy centres, creating a unified chakra system focused on the heart.  Open the meridians and energy centres, restoring and improving physical well-being.  Amplify issues currently residing in our personal energy field, accelerating awareness and transformation.

Help blocked or stuck patterns of energy to dissolve.  Enrich meditation, visualisation, inner journeys, astral travel and past-life regression.  Enable us to attune to the subtle energies of the higher centres.  Accelerate our channeling process and our natural ability to connect with our guides.  Restructure us in subtle ways in line with the changing collective evolutionary pattern.  Help us reach a deeper sense of self and love.

Sacred work

This technology is about vibrational quality, so the intention with which the stargates are made and the vibration surrounding the physical making of them is crucial.  Gordon makes each piece with care and precision.  Stargates are more than measurements and to obtain the connection to the highest realms they need to be designed and programmed by someone with the correct codes and frequencies within their system. An imprinting process.

How stargates can help the Earth

Stargates work at both the personal and planetary level and play a key role in healing the Earth by activating the Earths meridians.  This is happening in order for the Earths grid to reach a certain frequency.  We could think of it as a kind of acupuncture for the Earth as new leylines are activated and integrated.  We are aligning ourselves with the higher galactic realms and using these systems will help the Earth and us to integrate this.

Etheric web

Gordon has sometimes been guided to travel to different places around the world, placing miniature stargates and pyramids to activate the Earth grid by threading through the stargate energies.  Also, he sometimes receives a number of requests to buy one of his sacred tools from a particular part of the world that may be experiencing changes and this enables him to travel to that place. In this way we can work for peace on both the inner and outer level and people who work with a stargate are part of this greater plan to create an etheric web of stargates around the world. If you feel you may be able to help with this process please contact Gordon.

The different stargates have a different function and you will be attracted to a particular stargate with the different number of legs. The 5 legged stargate represents The Divine Human the Pentagon shape created by the legs encoding the frequencies of ourselves becoming a Divine Human. If you look at Leonardo Da Vinci’s Divine man You can see we are coded with sacred geometry. From all the cells in the body to every finger, hand, arm and digit. The fibonacci numbers golden mean, Phi are also imprinted in the stargates.

How many legs would be good for me?

The numerology of 5 is a master of change, human to Divine human . Thus a 5 legged stargate allows you to flow with the inner and outer changes we are creating in our lives. The 5 legged stargate can be used for individual or group use as all the stargates can be. The 6 legged stargates also focus on the Divine human as with the 6 legs creating the merkaba energetically in the stargates legs at the base. Also the merkaba on the top focuses the energies of heaven to earth.  This stargate is about bringing heaven to earth into the body.  We are Divine Beings and as we work at ourselves to strip away the illusions we have created over time this stargate system will focus on our divinity.  We can use different tops which gives a focus on higher freqencies to come in and assist us.

The number 6 is about the heart centre and unconditional love.  In the stargate you will feel support and a powerful compassion which flows within.  As we serve ourself we are able to serve others.  This is also about manifestation and our ability to be in tune with the flow.

The 7 legged stargates is a more multi-dimensional stargate as an integration into the 7 levels of consciousness of the 7 chakras and beyond.  The 7 days of the weeks. We can work with time and the illusion of time on an inner and outer level. This system is inter planetary linking to different systems as all the stargates do but this one is specific in its focus. It is not about intellect or being analytical, it’s about finding out the deeper inner truths deep within.

Stargates can be created up to 12 legs and all have different focus with the sacred geometry.  If you are interested in a different stargate please let me know and we can personalise your stargate to your specific numbers of legs and to suit the space you are intending to place the stargate.