Vibrational Healing

“The human body is made up of electronic vibrations, with each atom and element of the body, each organ and organism, having its electronic unit of vibration necessary for the sustenance of, and equilibrium in, that particular organism” Edgar Cayce, 1928

All Healing is Vibrational

Vibrational healing is all forms of healing using a medium or source of energy that consists of vibrations or wavelengths. There are many forms of healing, including the following: hands-on healing, auric healing, Reiki healing, magnetic healing, colour healing, sound healing and crystal healing. However, in all these methods, the healers are using vibrations to heal from their hands, their minds or some other source. Perhaps the greatest form of healing is Love and Laughter.

What are Vibrations?

Vibrations are energy that covers many levels. There are many levels or rates of vibration, which are called frequency. The speed of vibrations represents the different frequency patterns. The whole of creation is made up of vibrations. Within the atom are many vibrations, also matter and anti-matter. We have wavelengths, then solids, liquids and gases, e.g. energy at different states of vibration. We also have long, short and medium waves as in radio.

Waves of Vibration

The brainwave patterns such as alpha, delta, theta and beta represent different states of consciousness in the same way that radio or television can tune in to different stations or levels. Healing is the same, in that each person has an optimal level or vibration that allows one to achieve balance and equilibrium.

We can heal the body through many techniques in the present day, while cultures in the past used specific devices to help the body heal itself. The body’s electro-magnetic field, also known as the aura, can be healed by electrically stimulating the body’s meridians systems. There are major and minor systems, just as there are major and minor chakras in the body and outside the body.

Treatment & Healing

I offer various treatments depending on your needs, from healing, deep tissue massage, to Bio-energetic Massage, a system I have developed myself. I have the ability to scan the body and sense the areas needing attention and release.

The healing I do is very holistic, in that it includes Reiki, colour, crystals and sacred geometry. The work is about attuning people to high vibrational galactic energy, and can help move you forward and lift you to new levels. I have trained as a Colourworks teacher and completed the practitioner training in the Limelight Flower Essences, so I can also advise on tools to continue the healing at home.

Deep tissue massage may be appropriate if you are someone who benefits from full massage or have ongoing problems with your body due to trauma or lifestyle. Many factors can affect the body’s muscular system, from crystal deposits to an overload of toxins in the system.

Bio-energetic massage is a system of massage I have developed during my years of therapeutic work, and involves freeing the trapped energy within the body. It involves working on acupressure points and using energy symbols to aid the body to equilibrium. This system can be done with the person sitting in a chair with the clothes on.

Crystal Feng Shui

I have developed a method of clearing land, offices and homes that I have called Crystal Feng Shui. It uses a combination of crystals, sacred geometry, and a way to clear energy given to me by the master Lao Tsu. People who work with traditional Feng Shui and those who can test energy using dowsing rods tend to be surprised at how quickly deep-seated patterns can be transformed.

Crystal Feng Shui has developed out of work I’ve been guided to do in the past to carry out various Earth activations around the world. Usually these have involved placing crystals and sacred geometry at different locations. Places where I’ve done activations include Megiddo in Israel, the Great Pyramid at Giza, Avebury, Stonehenge, Silbury Hill, Kauai and Byron Bay in Australia.

In order for earth healing to be effective, however, we need to work on healing ourselves too. The saying `As above, so below’, is a reference to how everything is connected. As part of evolving one’s consciousness, one also develops a consciousness connecting to the energies of the Earth. As divine beings on the Earth, we’re here to work in unison with the Earth.

The Earth has a geometric structure with meridians or ley lines, just as we have meridians running through our bodies. The ratios of the human body are also based on sacred geometry, as illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci’s `Divine Man’. The human body and the Earth are based on sacred geometry, so there is resonance in using sacred geometry to heal on a personal and planetary level.