Cutting Edge Energy Field Technology

A fusion of heart and mind through Stargates, pyramids, wands and education brought to you by Gordon Hughes.


By combining sacred geometry, gem and crystal essences, healing, massage and space clearances, I provide a holistic approach to healing and the evolution of consciousness.

The pyramids, stargates and wands I design and make are created with the love and guidance of the higher beings of light, and contain the galactic codes and frequencies.

It is our purpose to send these gifts of universal consciousness out for all humanity. The essence of this work is to learn how to master oneself, and maintain a quality of consciousness so that one is at-one with oneself.

I will be speaking at the Global Pyramid Conference

Join me at the Gold Pyramid House in Gurnee, IL where I’ll be leading a workshop about Sacred Geometry and Universal Consciousness.

Other workshops during the event are:

Pyramid Teachings

Cutting edge, energy field technology.

Energy Healing

Advanced Energy Healing with Sacred Geometry.



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I have over 40 years of experience in helping individuals raise their vibrations.  I do this through aligning the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self.  

Over the years, I have led various workshops on bio energetic massage, crystal therapy, crystal feng shui, Reiki and magnified healing, among many others. 

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A Stargate is a portable vortex aligning the person within on many levels of body, mind and spirit. They have been used in the past by many of the priests and teachers of ancient times. Now we are able to use this technology of consciousness to open our hearts once again to our higher selves and be centred in love at the greatest time in the Earth’s history.