About Gordon Hughes

I create tools for healing and the expansion of consciousness.

I began creating pyramids in the early 1980’s. Having an interest in Yoga and Meditation from an early age, a friend and I travelled the UK to visit many exhibitions in health and healing, with alternative meditation centres also. We wanted to find a way to expand consciousness and healing of all aliments. We had many amazing experiences in our search, and the pleasure of meeting many masters in many faiths and traditions.

We found an amazing man, a monk father John Maine, who introduced me to an ancient pray Mara-Nattha, which translates to Come Lord come Lord Jesus. This had a profound effect on us and has stayed with me to this day. I am a spiritual man and understand there are many ways to God. I have also studied in Yoga centres and had direct experiences in Bhakti and Hatha Yoga. We went to so many exhibitions looking for guidance, and found many teachers.

I had been working with pyramids for a year or so when I met Dr Fred Bell, who also had many pyramid systems, which looked like the ones I worked with. We made a connection at the exhibition and listened to his lecture at the show. Dr Bell inspired me and that made me work at a deeper level while experimenting with other designs I had developed. It was not until 1986 that I visited the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and inside I was given guidance on the programming of pyramids by the ancients and was given a great gift from them. This gift set things in motion for me and my future work with the stargates and technologies to come. In 1999, I was featured on a programme “The Secrets of the Pyramids”. This programme was for the Discovery Channel. I have also been featured on Radio.

I have been teaching different workshops and focused on placing various stargates around the world to unify a grid vortex to power up the energetic points on the planetary grids. With the new designs to bring forward with other types of technology, we are working with Tensor rings to empower various frequencies into different metals to help empowerment and enrich our meditation practice. I feel it’s about bringing balance into unity and wholeness within a short space of time while using these technologies. The more we love ourselves, the more in harmony we can be, so that is where it leads us into the heart of love within. We only have to look and spend that time in silence to find the answers.