Tensor Ring Technology

I have applied new techniques in the creation of a new technology in the tensor ring field of healing. The sacred cubit 144 Mhz and the speed of light tends to have a great impact on the body mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually with an impact on surrounding spaces. The entire universe is created with sacred geometry. I have been guided to use other sizes and lengths to create super conductors and different imprinting of the crystalline matrix.

This vortex technology creates a super conductive field of resonance, so healing and the expansion of consciousness can be greatly enhanced.

If we consider that we, at times, have created bubbles or layers around our body. These fields are holding us back on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. With the help of my guides and healing masters I have been creating this new technology to assist ourselves in healing and expanding our consciousness. I want to also thank Slim Spurling for coming into my life and helping me directly with this new technology as he is by my side often to guide me or to nudge me in the right direction with this work.

We have to heal our issues in order to be able to move forward so we can use this technology to shift us forward. These technologies can help shift us into a better place so we can align ourselves within at a quicker pace.