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Sacred Space Harmoniser

The sacred space harmoniser is a tool to help assist the body’s natural healing energies. Bringing them into balance and alignment.

They are made of copper with a space technology plating. The sacred space harmoniser is created using the principles of sacred geometry and imprinting consciousness programming. They are also a space technology with a high frequency and a tool for healing and expanding consciousness. They link into our hearts and expand our energetic field creating sacred space several meters wide.

They are created using the concept of Tensor Rings, light field technology. They generate and clear negative energies including EMF. There are many positive effects from using these tools that many people have experienced. Effects range from mental, emotional, spiritual and physical experiences. It can be worn throughout the day and night creating sacred space around the heart centre. It will change colour as it oxidizes to a darker colour.  The Sacred Space Harmoniser size is 30mm x 40mm with some slight variations depending on the different wire I use.


2 reviews for Sacred Space Harmoniser

  1. Treasa

    I just love my sacred space harmoniser. I wear it all the time. I feel its energy and its so uplifting and calming at the same time.
    One day I gave it to my skeptic sister to hold. She was wearing a step counter on her other wrist at the time. It was also monitoring her pulse. She watched her pulse change almost instantly when she held it. As soon as she put the harmoniser on the table the pulse went back up. It was great to see it with our own eyes. She was speechless!

  2. Lorraine Sheehan

    The sacred space harmoniser has knocked my socks off! I can literally feel the expansion of my heart chakra and it feels so amazing. That was from the very first day of wearing it. I feel extremely calm and just full of love and joy. One thing is certain, I am not taking this off from around my neck!!

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