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5G Tensor Merkaba

This 5G Tensor Merkaba is designed to shield and protect against 5G EMF or harmful radiation.  It creates a strong healing tensor field to repel any frequencies which are not in harmony with the bodies energies.  As we are electrical in nature some people are more sensitive to electrical fields than others so this device will assist you by placing it in the home near a wall closest to a transmitter tower or wifi system.   It has magnets and a copper wiring inside creating a circuit field of energy.  Imagine that you are near a pond of water and throw in a stone as it hits the water ripples generate.  It generates ripples of high frequencies that will help push back the harmful energies rendering them dormant.


2 reviews for 5G Tensor Merkaba

  1. Therese

    Since purchasing my mercabars from Gordon I instantly felt different… but in a good way!
    I definitely feel the higher vibration since hanging the bigger one in my home. I meditate with the smaller ones and a sense of peace, joy and serenity comes upon me almost immediately. I feel very much in the moment when I wear them.

    I can feel the energy too. Its so powerful and beautiful.😍 I gave the smaller ones to my mother to hold when she was was feeling low and anxious. Within minutes she felt that calmness and now wants her own merkabar. I strongly recommend these little gems. Gordon is genuinely gifted!

  2. Lorraine Sheehan

    I purchased the mercabars from Gordon as I was extremely concerned about smart meters/EMFs and 5G. Well, I am no longer concerned as the mercabar is picking up and pushing back on the harmful frequencies and I can feel the vibration being elevated throughout the house. Feeling amazing and having the best nights sleeps also, something I have not had for quite a while!

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