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Sacred Space Nose and Eye Mask

Sacred Space Nose and Eye Mask

Creates a healing tensor field which re-aligns our bodies systems into balance and equilibrium.



Sacred Space Nose and Eye Mask

The nose mask can help reduce breathing difficulties as you breath in the air through your nose it is ionised which then enters the lungs and actives the blood in the Alveolar sac by ionizing the air that the wearer breathes in.  It can be a feeling of a natural high. The super conductive properties in the sacred space mask helps clear bacteria, fungal and viral infections in the respiratory systems. It can be worn for up to 30 minutes or longer.

The sacred space eye wear creates a healing field which projects through the eyes allowing healing energies flow more easily and the tensor field assisting the optic nerves and retina.  You can use the eye wear in combination with the nose and headframe. They can all be used as a meditation aid to help you get into that sacred space more easily.

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  1. Gordon Hughes

    I used the Face mask in my past life regression and it allowed me to do this travelling back in time with ease. It was almost instant.


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