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Sacred Space Harmoniser 2

Sacred space harmoniser for combating the energies of 5 G EMF ( electo magnetic field radiation ) If you want the latest technology this is it.



This Sacred Space Harmoniser is more powerful than the other smaller one this one has thicker copper wire which brings in a stronger magnet field of resonance with the body fields.  It also has a crystal inside the inner coil.  It is similar to the other thinner one but heavier also.

The sacred space harmoniser is a tool to help assist the body’s natural healing energies.  Bringing them into balance and alignment.  They are made of copper with a space technology plating. The sacred space harmoniser is created using the principles of sacred geometry and imprinting consciousness programming.  They are also a space technology with a high frequency and a tool for healing and expanding consciousness. They link into our hearts and expand our energetic field creating sacred space several meters wide.  They are created using the concept of Tensor Rings, light field technology and imprinting consciousness. They generate and clear negative energies including EMF.  There are many positive effects from using these tools that many people have experienced.   Effects range from mental, emotional, spiritual and physical experiences.  It can be worn throughout the day and night creating sacred space around the heart centre.  It will change colour as it oxidizes to a darker colour.  The Sacred Space Harmoniser size 30mm x 40mm with some slight variations depending on the different wire I use.

2 reviews for Sacred Space Harmoniser 2

  1. Gordon Hughes

    Body harmoniser has helped me with anger and anxiety by keeping me calm.


  2. Catherine


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