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Single Pyramid

Single Pyramid for Meditation and amplification of  water and flower/crystals essences



Single Pyramid

This single pyramid can be used in a variety of ways, using it on top of your head for amplification of meditation and to focus your mind. You can also charge up remedies of any type and it is amazing for charging up water and activating the cellular memory of the water. The pyramids can be used in a crystal grid pattern and placed under your bed to activate your individual chakras if that is your desire.  I use mine to amplify crystals and charge my personal jewellery.

Why should I use this pyramid and what is the difference between your work and someone else’s?

Firstly I have had over 35 years of working with pyramids and healing tools.  I have had time to work through any issues on a vibrational and frequency level and give you the up to date best quality on and energy and vibrational level.  Why have a pyramid or vibrational tool for healing and expanding consciousness if it has not lasted the test of time?  I have personally been inside the Great Pyramid and been given guidance on how to create high frequency pyramids with an imprinting of this code.  I was also given a physical gift that manifested from within the Great Pyramid and I use this to code the pyramids and tools that I create.  On another trip in Egypt I looked at the place where the gift was given to me and to my surprise this same place had changed physically.


Consider your spiritual vibration will be accelerated by using a tools like this pyramid.  Like an antenna the healing vibrations are channelled through this sacred geometric tool.  It is not just the angle which is important these tools are all coded with the frequencies which I received in the Great Pyramid.


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