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Healing Kit

Healing Kit


One pyramid a healing wand with 6 clear quartz crystals and one full tensor 144 ring with two 1/2 cubit rings

I also include 6 amethyst crystals as this speeds up healing as a Violet Ray of Light



Here is a healing kit for the individual or group use to activate and accelerate their frequency to higher levels.  Individual or group transformations and can be used for healings, meditation and expanding your chakras.  You can use these tools to develop your sensitivity to healing magnetic fields and energetic fields.  There are several ways in which you can use these tools,  crystal grid healing with the crystals and pyramid plus wand to help you strip away unwanted patterns that are holding you back.

I have included this as a kit from my 40 years experience of therapy and healing with many people around the world.  The tools are all stand alone products with many uses on there own but over the last several years I have been working with Tensor ring technology and have now added the 144 hertz rings into my work as was guided by Slim Spurling who has been working with me for many years now.  Slim is the original creator of the Tensor rings with so many amazing results as each ring vibrates a specific harmonic wave of energy and I will explain further in tensor rings on this site.


There is a wanding procedure in which you can activate the Galactic grids of the body and I will include a video for you to open to the many possibilities that you can use to transform yourself and others.  With a space clearing video also to clear away negative energies and entities.  I have had great results from using these techniques over the last 35 years.


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