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Manifestation Wand

Manifestation Wand for accuracy and clarity

Used for Manifestation work and clearing blocks in Manifestation



Manifestation Wand

This manifestation wand is a wand of mastery of the inner self and an alignment with the higher realms what is called becoming one with the one.  Removing doubt and negative imprints on many levels as above so below as within so without.

Many masters are working on helping humanity to empower themselves and over come the impossible to the possible.  This wand is silver plated.

It involves using the golden rays of abundance and prosperity and symbols to remove the imprints and patterning that have stopped us from opening to the gifts we have with our being.  This is a time to take our power and help is available from the inner realms.

Full instructions will be given in a video on the many ways in which this wand can be used.


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