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Laser Therapy Watch

Experience the Semiconductor Laser Treatment Instrument, delivering the optimal 650nm wavelength through a low-intensity laser. Crafted for a secure, painless, and efficient approach, this laser is dedicated to addressing high blood pressure and various circulatory concerns. Just dedicate 30-60 minutes daily for two weeks, and witness its potential.

This innovative instrument contributes to blood purification, normalizing levels of blood sugar, lipids, oxygen, and more. Embrace the proven effectiveness of low-intensity laser therapy. Navigating the multitude of laser options can be overwhelming, but fear not! For hypertension patients, the 650nm wavelength utilized in this device is precisely calibrated to deliver the desired results. Trust in targeted care for a healthier you.



Number of Laser Holes: 13 Holes
Wavelength: 650nm±20nm
Single Laser Power: 5 mW


With the Semiconductor Laser Treatment Instrument, you’ll receive the ideal wavelength of 650nm from the low-intensity laser. This laser is specifically designed for safe, pain-free, and effective treatment of high blood pressure and other circulatory issues for just 30-60 minutes per day for 2 weeks. It can help purify the blood and bring it back to normal levels of blood sugar, lipids, oxygen, and more. Low-intensity laser therapy is a tried-and-true method. There are many different kinds of lasers, so it might be slightly confusing trying to figure out what is best. But no worries! If you are a hypertension patient, the specific wavelength used in this watch, 650nm, is the ideal wavelength for getting the results you want.
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● Improve hyperviscosity syndrome, hyperlipidemia, hypertension
● Improve Blood Oxygenation
● Reduce the Risk of Blood Clots
● Reduce Blood Fat and Improve Blood Sugar Levels
● Treat cerebral thromboses and strokes
● Prevent sudden cardiac arrest
● Treat rhinitis (allergic, acute, chronic)
● Treat sinusitis or in case of nasal polyps
● Treat otitis media, deafness, tinnitus, Meniere’s syndrome
● Lower High blood viscosity
● Reduce the risk of stroke
● Reduce inflammation and swelling
● Energize cell activity and bloodstream
● Strengthen the immune system
● Regulate blood flow and circulation
● Improve blood cell deforma


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