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All about Stargates

Stargates come with different sizes and amount of legs they have. The difference is a focus of different aspects of consciousness and what you may be attracted to yourself on an inner level. The five legged stargate focusses on the Christ consciousness connection and how you can amplify this in yourself and assist others and the Earth. While the six legged stargates focus on male and female balance on an inner and outer levels and the connection of the melting and fusion of the inner balance. Although they work on many levels the different tops sizes and styles helps to ground the various energies with the double and single Merkaba which can be silver and gold plated.

Stargates are devices which focus energy. They facilitate a transition to higher levels of consciousness, giving access to higher dimensions and wider realities. For the individual the Stargate will assist in the natural healing process and elevate one’s consciousness to new heights. Stargates are aligned to access and receive energies and encoded information in order to speed up our evolution in consciousness. This is truly a unique system, an empowerment tool for self – development.
Stargates have been used in the past by the Wise Ones, who guide and help the spiritual evolution of humanity. Energy focal points occur naturally in various places on Earth, although their exact positions have always been kept secret. In addition to these naturally occurring Stargates, the Wise Ones assisted in the building of a number of constructed Stargates in ancient Egypt, Greece, Peru and Hawaii, to help raise the collective consciousness to higher levels and attain spiritual enlightenment at a rapid rate.
If we look further into the building blocks of creation, we will see that everything is made up of geometry. There is a system of order. The five platonic solids are the building blocks of which all things come into existence. The human brain has it’s own broad band spectrum of energy which feeds into and sustain the psyche or the chakras. This is called the etheric matrix and has been documented in many ancient systems of healing, such as Chinese medicine, Acupuncture and Ayurveda.

If we look closely at the body, the bone for instance, is an extraordinary substance, crystalline in nature, with all the properties inherent in crystals. It is composed of two dissimilar materials, collagen and fibrous protein. That is the main structural material of the body which is a crystalline mineral mainly calcium phosphate. The collagen fibers are in layers bound in opposite spirals (a double helix) around a central axis, which is a geometric pattern. Proteins are semiconductors and transistors like we use in radio receptors .

Blood is liquid crystal and contains a complex protein, globin, combined with an iron-containing pigment called haem, which when magnetized becomes electrically charged, energising our chakric system via the meridians (acupuncture lines) also known, as the galaxia-tonal lines. Our DNA and RNA are tetrahelix which control our bodies, the genetic codings, our blueprint so to speak. In the human brain we have the pituitary and the pineal glands which secret hormones into our bloodstream only when our thoughts are charged with the emotions of love and light. This in turn sets up a harmonious pattern within the chakras of your body and balancing at the heart chakra. The heart is the center of balance. So, if we use geometric patterns to help balance our energy centers, we will be in harmony with the life forces of nature flowing throughout the cosmos.

The Stargate will facilitate the flow of balancing your chakras and much more with endless possibilities.
WHAT DOES A STARGATE DO? Although an individual Stargate experience will differ from person to person because of the differences in levels of consciousness, the effects are profound, very noticeable and accumulative. The subsequent elevation in consciousness is carried with the individual from lifetime to lifetime, thus any advancement made now in this lifetime will help him/her achieve liberation and ultimate enlightenment into the higher realms. The Stargate will also:
· balance energy centers above the head and create a unified chakra system focused on the heart .
· enrich meditation, visualisation ,inner journeys, pastlife regression and many other related activities.

Accelerate your own process of self-healing, unblocking your energy system transforming awareness and expanding your consciousness to new heights . The cellular structure is being remodelled, the evolutionary pattern is changing, our vibration is changing. The consciousness is rising. All of the above are helping to feed into, this universal etheric web. What a Stargate does depends on your present openness to change, the complexity of your armour or blocks and current sensitivity of your consciousness, in other words your present evolutionary position. It will not turn a crude caveman into a subtle yogi overnight, nor should you expect it to do so.

At present there are over 30 Stargates world-wide which are creating a unified etheric web, a field of energy which links into the Earth’s magnetic gridlines, thus helping to energise them and aiding to heal Mother Earth in this time of Earth changes. The Stargates are in USA, Hawaii Kauai, Great Britain, France, Holland, Germany, Israel, Egypt, New Zealand, Australia and South Armerica.


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