This website is dedicated to cutting edge energy field technology. This involves a fusion of heart and mind through stargates, pyramids wands and essences.



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Angel Wand

This wand is guarded by a loving angel, and working with it helps you to become more peaceful. It's encoded with a beautiful essence of green/gold energies, to transmute unworthiness of self in your cellular system. It enables one to open to manifestation by helping release self-imposed limitations. This nickel-plated wand has a rose quartz crystal on the end, bringing in the pink ray of love and compassion. It is seven inches long, although

longer versions can be made.


These technologies are created with the love and guidance of the higher beings of light and are received from the templates of light stored in the archives for the safe-keeping of humanity. They are created for the truth, beauty and evolvement of the soul and contain the galactic tones and frequencies. Only by working with galactic energy can one become totally in harmony through one's divinity.

Galactic Wand

This gold-plated wand is to connect you to the galactic energies and may give you visions of the future by opening your psyche to higher energies from the galactic centre. It can be used on New and Full Moons to bring greater clarity into your life. The wand has two quartz crystals at either end.


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Heart Activation Wand

This gold and silver plated wand is to help stabilise the energies of the heart chakra. It is intended to give strength and comfort in times of change and has a beautiful vibration of light and love. It is seven inches long.


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Healing Wand

This wand is intended to remove negative thought patterns and energy blocks. A master of healing called Mutu works with this wand and has been waiting to transport his energies to the earth plane to help humanity in healing. This powerful master brings the energies of compassion and love.


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St Germain Wand

This gold plated wand comes with the energies of St Germain and helps to clear negative energies from a room or space and can be used for house clearances. It's a tool to help you work with St Germain's energy and give you more clarity. The wand is coded with the amethyst ray of light through the amethyst crystal. The wand is twelve inches long, although different sized gold or silver-plated versions are available.


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