This website is dedicated to cutting edge energy field technology. This involves a fusion of heart and mind through stargates, pyramids wands and essences.



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Treatment & Healing

I offer a variety of treatments depending on your needs from healing, deep tissue massage to Bio-energetic Massage, a system I have developed myself. I have the ability to scan the body and sense the areas needing attention and release.

The healing I do is very holistic in that it includes Reiki, colour, crystals and sacred geometry. The work is about attuning people to high vibrational galactic energy and can help move you forward and lift you to new levels. I have trained as a Colourworks teacher and completed the practitioner training in the Limelight Flower Essences, so I can also advise on tools to continue the healing at home.

Deep tissue massage may be appropriate if you are someone who particularly benefits from having a full massage or have on-going problems with your body due to trauma or lifestyle. Many factors can affect the body's muscular system from crystal deposits to an overload of toxins in the system.

Bio-energetic massage is a system of massage I have developed during my years of therapeutic work and involves freeing the trapped energy within the body. It involves working on acu-pressure points and using energy symbols to aid the body to equilibrium. This system can be done with the person sitting in a chair with the clothes on.