This website is dedicated to cutting edge energy field technology. This involves a fusion of heart and mind through stargates, pyramids wands and essences.



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"I have personal experience with Gordon and his work in Vibrational Medicine, which is nothing short of magnificent. At our convention centre he worked with tens of people using his own therapies and the stargate. Everyone was impressed with Gordon and his stargate. I find his work both professional and compassionate. I highly recommend his services to anyone."
Dr. Ariel Schultz P.M.D Tel Aviv, Israel

"Preparation for Ascension was a wonderful experience. I feel full of light, as a matter of fact there are no words that can describe it. Thank you."
Tami, Israel

"It (Bio-energetic Massage) has been a wonderful weekend. I am very grateful for having learned this simple and effective technique."
Claudia, London

"The instant Carmit told me about Gordon, I drew a money note from my pocket, and told her - I'm in! Call me when it starts. Ever since then I kept learning more and more from Gordon on different workshops, and acquired two wands - the St Germain wand, a rather unique and magnificent Galactic wand, and a stargate. I won't go into the specific effect, but the total result was such an advance in my spiritual work, it's almost unbelievable! Gordon, you are a true Galactic, Inter-Dimensional Wizard. Thank you for being here."
Ronen Atour-Gad Yehiav, vibrational therapist, Haifa, Israel


"Thank you so much once again for your healings and the attunement - I'm still quite stunned by what happened in the stargate. As I said, I have never experienced anything like that before - amazing. The second healing was totally different.

You have a very compassionate and reassuring way about you, Gordon - not to mention a wicked sense of humour!! Please don't ever change - you're a star!!"
Jayne Phillips, Healer and Reiki Master, Jersey

"I found your visits/consultations most beneficial and was extremely honoured to have met you. Well, since then miracles have been manifesting themselves in all sorts of mysterious and phenomenal ways."
Fiona Heneker, Jersey

"I have watched Gordon work on my father, who suffers with Parkinson's disease. It has been a wonderful and positive experience for my father. Since his treatments his facial expression has changed to a more relaxed state and he is able to do more for himself now."
Lynn, West Sussex

"I'd like to thank you for your latest massage and healing. When I arrived I felt under stress and rather tired. Your massage was deep…I felt `strange' for a few days after the session, but gradually realised I felt peace within again and restored, even rejuvenated….I did sense that blockages had been removed…Thank you Gordon for your help - I recognize and appreciate your sincerity and total commitment and know you are helping many people and Planet Earth".
Mavis, West Sussex

"I met Gordon at the beginning of 1996, when I was given a treatment with a wand in the stargate at the York Reiki Centre. During the treatment I began having vivid pictures of my childhood brought to my mind's eye. A feeling of love and higher understanding came over these traumatic pictures. Over the next few days the process continued. The treatment in the stargate was a profound and uplifting experience."
Mark Shaw, York

"I received a bio-energetic massage from Gordon. I felt very focused energies from the wand, specifically targeting all kinds of blocks around my body and opening them…..It was a sense of very sharply focused energy, pinpointed like a laser beam, which I experienced both in my body and my head.

Around the middle of the session, when targeting the front of the body I sensed strong currents in my body and head, a sort of heaviness, and currents that swept me like a vortex, from the ground up, as if I was in tornado storm. It made me laugh and was accompanied by a strong sense of release. Thank you, Gordon!"
Illana Buchterger, bio-energy therapist, Haifa, Israel

Sacred Geometry

"The wands are incredibly powerful and effective tools, to be used with clarity and integrity. These devices are not for the faint hearted but are for the serious light worker, or for those wishing to step forward now into their soul's purpose and their multi-dimensional selfhood.

I have watched Gordon grow into his mastership. He is dedicated in his work, which demands clarity of focus, fine attunement and spiritual integrity, all of which he has."
Judith Clough, Astrologer and Reiki Master, Hertfordshire

"Some ten months ago I got my St Germain wand from Gordon. I've been using it ever since in each and every healing session I give. First, I go over certain points, both on the client's body and around it, just as Gordon showed me. Then, I lay the wand near the client, so that he or she may receive the energy of the wand all through the session. In addition, whenever I reach a region or area where there is an energy block, I use the wand to clear it. Another use is to energise chakras. Most of my clients sense the wand on the very first session, and all of them experienced it from the second one. The wand is a very powerful tool and the results are excellent. Of course I use the wand to give myself a very powerful self-treatment within minutes."
Yuval Liberman, healer and crystal therapist, Haifa, Israel

"After I got the DNA Wand from you, I didn't use it much except on a few people and myself, following your instructions and using the Star of David symbol. I was also using the small pyramid for my essences and crystals and the larger Metatron communicator to meditate and channel. I underwent some really deep healing (and did some wonderful healing on race horses) and at this time started receiving information from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and the Brotherhood of Light on a program that is now called The Pleiadian Light Body DNA Activation Program.

It is a really amazing time, and I firmly believe that the DNA Activation Wand initially assisted in activating my Light Body through the coding within it and the sacred geometrical symbol of the star tetrahedron shape.

I have since used the Metatron Communicator to potentise all my Light Body DNA Activation essences (which I have made) and the Wand to activate each one. Lastly they have all been individually placed under the small pyramid."
Gill Patterson, Dolphin Ray Productions, UK and South Africa

"I used the Healing Wand on ten of my Tai-Chi students and all of them reported feeling more relaxed and `better', and all of them reported that their Tai-Chi practice felt easier and more relaxed. I noticed that the group progressed quicker than those who weren't using the wand."
Peter, East Sussex

"The wand strengthens the etheric body. I use it in specific instances when I am working with vibrational medicine to strengthen an individual with a specific substance. For example, it is possible to reduce or eliminate food intolerance by challenging a person's body with a particular food by having them hold the offending food and then strengthen their body by stimulating specific acupuncture points while they are still holding the food. I check to see if the etheric body has collapsed in response to being challenged by the food. If that is the case, by laying the wand on the treatment table, the etheric body is instantly strengthened.

The wand also strengthens the force field under my pyramid, which hangs over my treatment table. On some occasions I have needed to lay the wand on the treatment table when it is difficult to energetically strengthen an individual on a particular substance. In these situations the overall force field that they are lying in is strengthened, and it is then easier to strengthen them on the substance."
Molly Jones, L.Ac. Kauai, Hawaii (Author of White Magic - Vibrational Medicine in Action)

"Being in the stargate felt like a crystal waterfall flowing into and through my head, rejuvenating my whole body".
Rose Kirby, Devon

"It seems that in the stargate the most complete communication occurs. The most beautiful love fills me and white morning light bathes me, pouring through the apex of the stargate. On the dates of the new energy this was incredibly powerful and symbols/letters/numbers flashed quickly up in the light. Out of the stargate my perceptions are undergoing rapid continuous change and quickenings. And in the physical world I never realised the extent and complexity of my beliefs and ideals and how absolutely limiting they can be - each understanding reveals another layer underneath that I didn't even realise existed."
Christine Langham, Suffolk

"My experiences of using my stargate have tended mainly to be amplified meditation. Sometimes I can sit in my stargate without meditating and feel healing energies affecting me, more predominantly towards my crown chakra. I mainly sense subtle energies as feeling slight pressure, or rushes of ecstasy passing through me. It is very rare that I sense subtle beings, although I feel I sometimes receive healing from them while in the stargate. An acquaintance of mine sat in my stargate in the garden for five minutes and came out looking quite shocked, saying my garden was full of spirit guides. I believe this is due mainly to the presence of the stargate.

Apart from standard energising meditations I've found the stargate good for tuning into areas of emotional negativity from early or past life. Saying affirmations to myself also works well."
Nick Rampton, Berkshire

"My partner, Janine, and I thought we should relate to you some of our reasons for deciding to place a stargate here in our centre in York. We first discovered the stargate in a centre in Devon in June 1995, where we spent some time in meditation and integration of the energies of that system. During this time we felt many things and were allowed the privilege of spending one night sleeping under the stargate. We both woke up during the night experiencing a massive surge in energy from the base chakras. We seemed to be spinning in all directions and the room was bathed in light. To say the Earth moved would be an understatement.

The one we have recently installed at our centre is impressive both in quality and design. We have knowing that the system of `stargate and wands' will greatly assist us in our work, which is to help people through their own transformation. One of our reservations for not purchasing a system earlier was my fear that the stargate would be too big and look out of place in our small house. Having installed the system, all my doubts have vanished. It's as though the stargate has made the room look and feel bigger. Is this the Tardis effect of Dr Who I wonder?
Dev Erickson, Reiki Master, Huna and NLP, York

"I've had the Pyramid with Star of David for some time now and have really enjoyed using it. At the moment I have it hanging from the light shade in the sitting room. I feel it helps clear the room of negativity. My partner has been grumpy recently and I feel the pyramid has really helped clear his released anger. I have also used it on my head while meditating. It helps me get into a very deep meditation and I've been really impressed by its power."
Audrey, Inverness-shire

"The Small Pyramid has been tremendous - used daily for our drinking water - apart from the improved taste it is also wetter! I have also put flower remedies and homeopathic remedies under it. Until a couple of days ago I had not used it on myself. I was feeling very weak and could hardly walk and I was getting quite frightened. I spent about an hour under the pyramid moving it from my head down my body to my feet. I can only say that I felt energised afterwards, and even though I'm not exactly running around, the deterioration has stopped and I'm able to cope - including writing this letter which hopefully is readable."
Margaret Robinson, Hertfordshire

"My understanding at the moment is that the new pyramidal system will speed up the amplification process - 1 1/2 hours down to 1/2 hour for each batch of remedies. For your information this process adds about 20 % extra OOMPH !! to the remedies (flower essences)."
Colin, Guild of Vibrational Medicine & Crystal Herbs

Each person's journey is unique, so the feelings and experiences when using the technology vary from person to person. However, we hope this feedback we have gratefully received about people's experiences will inspire you and go some way to show the range of possibilities when using this technology.