This website is dedicated to cutting edge energy field technology. This involves a fusion of heart and mind through stargates, pyramids wands and essences.



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These technologies are created with the love and guidance of the higher beings of light and are received from the templates of light stored in the archives for the safe-keeping of humanity. They are created for the truth, beauty and evolvement of the soul and contain the galactic tones and frequencies. Only by working with galactic energy can one become totally in harmony through one's divinity.

All our pyramids are imprinted with higher frequencies for all our clients and customers. This is on many levels e.g physical, emotional, mental and spiritually.  I have been working with pyramids for over 35 years now and been personally into the Great Pyramid in Giza and been given guidance on how to do this from the ancients within the Pyramid.  This technology I imprint into all the pyramid systems I hand craft.  We always work from our hearts to create this balance and heart centred love.  We have had amazing results and feedback from our customers and how we have helped them so please see our testimonials page.


It is not enough just to have the correct angles of the pyramid.  We also code the pyramids and other technologies as I have been guided in the Great Pyramid.  We have to look at empowerment and authenticity as a pyramid is a spiritual wave or conductor of healing energies which empower the individual into the heart.  I have also taken several pyramids into the different pyramids in the Giza Plateau to activate within them healing energies, then I use them to place on top of the pyramids I hand craft for clients and customers to download the frequencies within them along with the codes given to me by the Ancients.

Single Pyramid

For people new to working with vibrational energies this can be a good place to start. This is a versatile and powerful tool for accessing higher dimensional energies. It can be used to help deepen one's meditation or for inspirational writing or to charge crystal, gem and flower remedies. It can be held in the hands, placed on different parts of the body, placed on the head or put under a chair or treatment table.
Size: 9 x 9 x 8.5 inches


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This system is a single pyramid with a Star of David on top, combining pyramidal energy with star energy and activating the Light body or Merkaba. It works particularly well on the heart chakra, spiralling and integrating in the centre of the heart. It can be used in similar ways to the Small Pyramid.
Size: 9 x 9 x 12 inches


Pyramid with Star Merkaba

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Star Merkaba

This pyramid is a sacred symbol of protection and represents unity between male and female. It activates the Light body or Merkaba and works on the heart chakra. You can hang this system in a room to balance the polarities and bring in interdimensional energies. It's excellent for a meditation room. Small seven inch versions of the star are available for children's bedrooms.
Size: 9 x 9 x 9 inches


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