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About Pyramids

Although we've advanced technologically as a civilisation, the ancient people in Egypt and elsewhere were of an advanced consciousness. They had an understanding of sacred geometry that enabled them to create an environment to accelerate consciousness. It's by using these ancient keys at this time that we can assist ourselves in expanding our consciousness and raising our vibration.

I believe that pyramids harness a healing energy in the form of high frequency vibrational patterns or waves, similar to radio or TV waves. The systems of the body are electrical in nature in that they send and receive electrical impulses through the nervous system and they can be affected by the energies of sacred geometrical designs. Pyramids can produce negative ions that are electrically charged and vibrating at the speed of light. It's beneficial for the body's cellular function to have an increase in negatively charged particles to protect against free radical damage.

Using a pyramid can affect your brain wave patterns, bringing them into balance. Biofeedback equipment has been used to measure brain wave patterns and it was found that about 30-45 seconds after the pyramid was lowered over the head of the blindfolded subject the alpha and theta waves in the brain increased in frequency and were more than double the normal amplitude. This showed that the subject would be able to meditate more deeply.

My belief is that pyramids align the body's energies to their optimal potential, bringing balance and harmony throughout the meridians. There have been scientific studies, but these seem to be limited to showing that the growth of plants is increased or that meditation is heightened. I would be very interested in participating in any scientific studies, particularly using systems that measure energy patterns.

The pyramids have all been designed and made personally by me. Over many years these designs have been refined and perfected following my guidance and the feedback I have received from people using the systems. I encode all the pyramids with the same energetic frequency of the Great Pyramid at Giza. The choice of materials, the care with which the products are handcrafted along with the programming are vital for the effectiveness of these vibrational tools. Unless requested otherwise I make all the pyramids out of brass, except the Meditation Pyramid. Brass has the vibrational qualities of zinc, as well as copper, and for smaller systems brass is more durable and aesthetic than copper.

Pyramids can be used in many different ways. Possibilities include amplifying crystals and flower or gem remedies or raising the vibration of water. Pyramids can also be held or placed on your head for meditation, or placed under a chair or bed when giving or receiving healing. Further details on how you can use your pyramid are given when buying one of the systems.

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I started making pyramids around 1985 after being impressed by Dr Fred Bell who was giving talks at the Healing Arts Exhibition in London. After this I experimented with the pyramid energies and worked on different designs.

Some years later in 1993 John Armitage took me to the Starlight Centre in Devon. Stuart Wilson, who channels Ashtar, had channelled a drawing of a stargate and I spent the next few months working on the dimensions and angles. The first prototype was installed in John's flat and he and I worked with the energies helped by the group channelling sessions led by Stuart.

After that I started work on my own developing other designs, such as the wands, and began teaching. I've refined the measurements and design of the early stargates to the current models following my guidance and based on feedback from people who have worked with them.