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Why use a pyramid for meditation?
Pyramids focus energy and this can affect our electro-magnetic field. Pyramids have been used by many cultures through the ages for meditation. Using a pyramid affects your brain wave patterns, bringing them into balance. Biofeedback equipment has been used to measure brain wave patterns and it was found that about 30-45 seconds after the pyramid was lowered over the head of the blindfolded subject the alpha and theta waves in the brain increased in frequency and were more than double the normal amplitude. These states indicate relaxation and awareness and suggest that a person would be able to meditate more deeply and quickly.

Why buy from Us?

Gordon has over 25 years experience in building and hand crafting sacred geometry.  He has been inside the Great Pyramid many times and been given sacred keys in understanding the energetic power of the pyramids.  He was also given a gift from the Ancient master within the pyramids and he uses this gift to programme the tools he creates and designs.  He also uses this gift in his healing work to bring balance and healing to his clients.

How do pyramids work?
I believe that pyramids harness a healing energy in the form of high vibrational patterns or waves similar to radio and TV. As I understand it this is partly due to the design, but also the codes and frequencies with which the pyramid has been programmed. Pyramids also create negative ions, which have a beneficial effect on the body's cellular system.

How do the stargates differ from the pyramids?
Pyramids focus pyramidal energy and in terms of numerology have a connection with 4, whereas stargates link to star energy and in terms of numerology connect with 5 or more. The number five, or the pentagram, is about the human becoming divine, as illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci's drawing of the divine man and the sacred geometry contained within the human form. The way I think about it is that a stargate has unlimited capabilities and allows a person to tap into pure source energy.

Is the angle of a pyramid important?
The angle of a pyramid is significant and needs to be considered. The angle of the Great Pyramid at Giza is 51 degrees 51. The small pyramids that I make usually incorporate this angle, partly to give the resonance of the Great Pyramid and the pyramids are programmed with the energies of the Great Pyramid as well. Occasionally specific designs with different angles are commissioned. Unless people request it, the large Meditation Pyramids don't use this angle as it means a very large base.  I do make larger base pyramids if commissioned.  I can make any sizes required so please contact me if you wish any specific sizes.

Is the material that the pyramid is made of important?
Yes, as we are working with vibrational energy. A pyramid of paper, plastic or wood doesn't affect the body's electro-magnetic field in the same way as metals such as copper, brass, silver and gold, as these materials don't have the same conductivity. A pyramid made of plastic wouldn't work in harmony with our electro-magnetic fields.

What makes your stargates, pyramids and wands different?
The difference is that copper, brass, silver and gold are materials that can be programmed with thought power, as you can with crystals and I programme the tools that I make with special codes and vibrations that have been given to me by my angelic guides and master teachers. Everything is based on the power of intention and love is always the key ingredient to any good recipe. Over the

 years the designs have been refined and perfected working with my own guidance and feedback from the people who have worked with the different systems.

When will I receive my order?
All Orders are usually sent within 1-2 weeks. Payment including postage needs to be sent with the order - please contact me to clarify exact amounts.  All the sacred geometry, Stargates, Meditation Pyramids and wands are hand crafted specially made for the individual.