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Vibrational Healing

There are many forms of healing including spiritual healing, Reiki healing, colour healing and sound healing. In all these methods the healers are using vibrations to heal from their hands, their minds or some other source. Perhaps the greatest form of healing is love and laughter.

Vibrations are wavelengths of energy that cover many different levels. The brainwave patterns such as alpha, delta, theta and beta represent different states of consciousness in the same way as radio or television can tune into different stations or levels. Healing works along the same principle in that each person has an optimal level or vibration allowing them to achieve balance and equilibrium.

My approach to healing involves using sacred geometry to bring balance into the body. Stargates, pyramids and healing wands are tools to change the energetic pattern or electromagnetic field around the body, also known as the aura. Dis-ease starts in the aura and slowly works its way into our energy systems. All systems of the body are connected and the body's electrical system, or central nervous system, can also be influenced by sacred geometry.

My belief is that pyramids harness a healing energy in the form of high frequency vibrational patterns or waves similar to radio or television waves and that pyramids align our energies to their optimal potential, bringing balance and harmony throughout the meridians of the body. I would welcome more scientific testing, which I believe would add weight to the testimonials I receive and also explore the energetic effects.

It has been shown that pyramids can generate negative ions. Negative ions reproduce and repair body cells and are transmitted into the body through the air supply and are circulated by the blood. Think how you feel in a large city, or if you're on the receiving end of exhaust fumes in heavy traffic. This is the effect of positive ions. Negative ions have a beneficial effect on the body in the same way that one feels uplifted after a heavy rainfall or sitting near a waterfall.

The Giza Stargate

Although many are thousands of years old they still hold mystery and magic even now. Many of the pyramidal structures around the world contain similar architectural features yet are separated from each other by thousands of miles in time and space. Pyramids have been found in five main geographical locations: Egypt, Mexico (Aztec), Central America (Maya), China and Cambodia. There are often connections between pyramids around the world. For example, the base size of the largest pyramid at Teotihuacan, Mexico has the same base size as the Great Pyramid at Giza.

The most famous of them all is the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt. The Great Pyramid contains over two million blocks of stone positioned with remarkable precision and it is a mystery how this could have been built many centuries ago without the use of cranes or mechanical devices. The Great Pyramid is thought by archaeologists to have been a burial chamber and yet there are no inscriptions.

The geographical position of the Great Pyramid appears to be at the centre of gravity of the continents. If the Earth's land mass is dissected in equal quarters the Earth's longest East-West parallel and the longest North-South meridian intersect at one point - The Great Pyramid.

Robert Bauval has been at the forefront of making public the connections between the stars and the design of the pyramids at Giza. At the time of the pyramids the angle of the southern shaft in the King's Chamber pointed exactly to Orion's belt, which is significant as the Ancient Egyptians believed Osiris dwelt in the constellation of Orion. There was a similar connection between the Queen's Chamber, Sirius and Isis. Also, the layout of the three large pyramids at Giza corresponds to the placement of the three stars in Orion's belt. It seems the pyramids at Giza were intended to re-create Heaven on Earth.

The Great Pyramid could be considered the greatest Stargate on Earth. Gordon Hughes explains it like this: "As you enter the Great Pyramid there is a passageway leading downwards to the subterranean section that I understand to be fifth dimensional on a vibrational level. It is interesting to note that the shafts in the King and Queen's chambers have been meticulously crafted at precise angles for no apparent reason. It seems evident to my understanding as a stargate designer that these shafts are clearly to activate on a vibrational level the energies from the stars. The Ancients were creating Heaven on Earth by which they could transport their energies to the stars through ritualistic ceremonies. This knowledge was only accessible to the Ancient teachers yet now with the use of the stargates that I design we can achieve the same results as the Ancients to propel the soul to higher levels of spirituality."