This website is dedicated to cutting edge energy field technology. This involves a fusion of heart and mind through stargates, pyramids wands and essences.



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There are two main aspects to my work: the spiritual evolvement of the soul and the development of collective consciousness. It's about learning to master oneself, maintaining a quality of consciousness so that one is at-one with oneself.

The qualities I bring to my work are simplicity, purity and higher intention for the evolution of the individual into the whole. It's about taking a person from unconsciousness into higher consciousness through the frequencies in the technology of sacred geometry.


My experience in sheet metal work and engineering, my fighting essence as expressed through the martial arts and my approach to self-mastery and healing all help me fulfil my purpose to send these gifts of universal consciousness out for all humanity. It's also about using my ability to channel master energies through the higher chakras, encoding these into the physical.

Metaphysics and Eastern culture have always interested me and I started practicing yoga when I was still at school. I was also interested in sacred geometry and the potential for working with energy and consciousness and started making pyramids over 25 years ago.

In 1993 I worked with a group of people in Devon on the first designs for a stargate, including Joanna Prentis, Stuart Wilson and John Armitage. Stuart channels Ashtar and gave an outline for the first prototype along with information on working with stargate energy during the group channelling sessions.

Since this time I have worked on my own and developed a whole range of sacred geometry, including pyramids, wands and stargates. These are about sacred space, tools for healing and the evolution of consciousness.

I offer healing that includes crystals, Reiki, colour and sacred geometry and have developed a massage technique called Bio-Energetic Massage. This works on the pressure points, frees trapped energy within the body and can be done sitting in a chair with the clothes on.

I have also developed a method of space clearing that I call Crystal Feng Shui and involves using crystals and sacred geometry to clear the space within homes, offices and land.

The training I have done with Colourworks and the Limelight Flower Essences brings in other aspects of vibrational healing, providing tools for healing both within treatments and during workshops. I'm also a Reiki Master, a trained fitness instructor and a Master of Magnified Healing.

My approach is about keeping life simple and I bring focus and purity of intent to my work.